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The School Bank West Lothian is a registered charity and is therefore the perfect recipient for your fundraising.

If you are involved in a fundraiser or clothing collection, or are aware of an upcoming event you want to participate in we would be delighted to hear from you. Or you may be a local group or employer looking to nominate a charity to support as a one-off or or over a period of time – we would be delighted to have you come and visit us and find out how we can work together. Its wonderful when local people help local initiatives. Where we can, we are also keen to support our young people locally through the Youth Philanthropy scheme and other initiatives to support Volunteering Awards.

You can fundraise as an individual, a group, a company, a school or an organisation. Your support will be greatly appreciated and your donation will be a wonderful contribution to our resources, helping The School Bank West Lothian help local children across West Lothian.

Here are some ideas on how you could help us with fundraisers …

School Collections

Organise a second-hand items collection at your school. You could do this amongst a few parents or you could ask the Parent Council/School to organise a collection across the whole school such at St Ninian’s RC Primary School in Livingston and Bankton Primary School in Livingston. Many schools have pupil committee’s or events where a collection could be organised easily. This could be uniform clothing, gym kit, jackets etc. It’s a great way to recycle, to involve the community and help other children/families in West Lothian. Get in contact and you can drop off items to us in our Livingston office or we can arrange to collect if needed.

School Lost Property

May be your school has a lot of items unclaimed in the “lost property” box, why not give families an opportunity to collect and any items unclaimed can be passed to us to recycle.  As above, get in touch to arrange dropping off or to be collected.

Support us through your local group

Are you part of a local group or club and are looking to support a local charity in West Lothian? There are lots of ladies, men, churches, sports clubs and other community groups who meet regularly who want to help others in the West Lothian area.  You are welcome to get in touch, visit our offices and see what we do before considering whether you want to support us? Or we can visit you at a local event and tell you about The School Bank West Lothian. Either way we love meeting local people, spread awareness about how we help local children and discussing how you can get involved too.

School Curriculum - Youth Philanthropy

As part of the curriculum many children at High School are involved in choosing a charity for their Youth Philanthropy.  They are required to research and present to their fellow students, and then to a judging panel with the aim of winning a cash donation for the charity of their choice. We are able to support local children with this initiative so please get in touch if your school are running a similar event.

Company Donations

Are you an employer and are looking to support a local charity in West Lothian? There are many ways you can support us, for instance, give us a cash donation, donate old stock that you can no longer sell, you could nominate us as your charity of the year, staff could help by volunteering for a day, match fund employees who donate to us?  You are welcome to get in touch, visit our offices and see what we do before considering whether you want to support us?  The School Bank West Lothian is a great charity to support if you want to help “local”, “children” and “alleviating poverty”.

Sporting Challenges

There are many challenge, sporting or other events during the year and you could participate in one whilst helping to raise funds for The School Bank West Lothian.  For example, the Kilt Walk, Tough Mudder, Tartan Warrior, Fun Runs for families, 5k/10k up to marathons, Triathlons, Santa Dash, one off event such as walking the new Queensferry Bridge to name but a few.  Get in touch and let us know you are doing an event, we love when you have some fun whilst helping us – it’s a win win!

Small Item Collections

You could organise a small item collection of such items like socks or tights, pants, stationery and toiletries.  These items are rarely donated by the public as we tend to focus on school uniform.  The great thing about organising this type of collection is the cost is relatively small for most people and it allows more people to feel able to support the initiative.  Previously we have had local retailers organise this type of event with their employees and others have included their customers e.g. Co-op in Howden.

Nominate us as your Charity

Are you a local organisation looking for a charity of the year?  The School Bank West Lothian is currently the nominated charity for Burn it Fitness, Q2labsolution, and Property Webb.  This has benefited both organisations e.g. we have continued support throughout the year which is vital to us as a small charity and the members of Burn it Fitness “quote from a couple of members”.

Community Champions

Many companies have Community Champions or similar roles aiming to connect with local organisations to offer help and donations – please think of The School Bank West Lothian.  We accept donations of school uniform end of line stock with open arms.  We love all items that help with the cost of the school day such as all school uniform, jackets, shoes, trainers, PE kit, joggers, zippers, pants, socks, tights, toiletries, lunch boxes, school bags, stationery of any kind, maths sets and scientific calculators.

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