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The School Bank West Lothian is a small charity and we are reliant on donations to allow us to help our local children with the cost of the school day. 

We help around 130 children each month and as a result we need a large amount of stock and donations on a regular basis throughout the year. We appreciate all donations and offers of support – both large and small.

The easiest way to donate is via our Charities Aid Foundation page using the widget below, or by clicking the link. If this is not suitable, please contact us to arrange another method. Please remember to tick the Gift Aid option when you donate as this adds a further 25% to the donation at no extra cost to you.

Every little bit helps. Thank you.

Click the logo above to go directly to our CAF Donation page

Please be assured that as a registered charity The School Bank West Lothian will use your cash donations responsibly and 100% of your money will go directly towards helping the children of West Lothian.