🌟 A Big Thank You! 🌟

We’re incredibly grateful to these wonderful people who “Sponsored-A-Child” and donated a brand new school uniform pack this morning. Your continued support over the years, helping during our Summer School Uniform Donation Appeal and Winter Jacket Appeal, means the world to us and makes a huge difference in our community. Thank you for your generosity and commitment! 💖👕👖

With support from the community we can help local children in need. Our packs are more than just a bag of clothes or a pair of shoes. Our packs combat low self-esteem and exclusion, can significantly reduce the risk of bullying, and improve school attendance by providing items that allow children to get to school and take part in activities they previously were unable to.

Here’s how you too can support our flagship summer School Uniform Donation Appeal:

1. Sponsor-A-Child and buy a uniform pack (typically 3-6 items), register https://bit.ly/49fueWt👕👖

2. Fill-A-Bag with vital school supplies – such as socks, tights, pencil case, stationery, and a water bottle and we will use in our uniform packs 🎒✏️

3. Make-A-Donation and we will buy items on your behalf https://rb.gy/mfj4tc💵

4. Donate good quality pre-used school uniform and jackets.♻️