Did you know the Scottish Government plans to release official guidance on school uniforms later this year? This guidance aims to tackle issues of equality surrounding uniform policies and alleviate the financial burden they can impose, which often acts as a barrier to students’ full participation in learning.

Our mission is to ensure that every child experiences the same sense of belonging as their classmates by providing a uniform pack so they can fit in and focus on their learning, not what they are wearing.

However, we regularly encounter challenges with a small number of schools, whose uniform policies include:

– The requirement for items like kilts or blazers, which are overly expensive, raises significant concerns particularly in light of the cost-of-living crisis affecting numerous families.

– Items that are not available for purchase on the High Street or in supermarkets because of their colour or design.

– Uniform rules that are overly rigid and fail to consider the comfort of pupils can be detrimental.

– The requirement for school badged items as they are not easily recycled.

We’re hopeful that the government’s forthcoming guidance will promote affordable and adaptable uniform policies across all schools, enabling families to easily meet the requirements.

Below are some snapshots from when our team, Collette and Janine, who attended the Pupil Equity Fund Sharing Event held at Sinclair Academy. Though a bit delayed, we felt it was still worth sharing information about this wonderful event and to thank everyone who made it happen. 😁