Promoting inclusion for all by recycling “once used clothing” is a vital part of what we do and recently we ran a campaign to collect pre-loved and unwanted Halloween outfits. We re-distributed these to five local schools/community groups so their children could choose an outfit, take part in “spooky” activities, just like their classmates, and could take the outfit home so they could go “guising”. Teachers at local Primary Schools said…

🎃“Having received such a wide range of Halloween costumes gave our children so much joy. At our school we promote the benefits of re-using clothing. Our Headteacher commented on how they had never seen so many of our children dressed up, and how wonderful it was to see! The children were ecstatic getting to independently pick their own costumes.”

🎃“It meant “every child” had an outfit and felt part of the activities at school. It also resulted in less stress for families, who would have struggled to buy or source these items. It was a very positive experience for everyone.”

🎃“We would like to say a HUGE thank you to The School Bank West Lothian for this year’s donation of Halloween costumes!”

Thank you to everyone who donated Halloween outfits, as you can see from the comments above, they were loved by the children who received them! 🥰🎃👻

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