Imagine not having a jacket that will keep you warm and dry on your journey to school. Imagine trying to focus on your school work when all you can think about is how cold and damp your clothes are. Imagine choosing not to go to school because you don’t want to feel like that. Not having an adequate jacket can affect the mental health and educational attainment of young people. You can help us change this for a local child, right here in West Lothian.

In the next 3 months we expect to receive over 400 referrals for winter jackets for children in need, aged between 5 and 17 years old. As many of us are feeling the effects of the cost-of-living-crisis there are a few different ways you can get involved:

1) Become a sponsor and buy a brand-new jacket. Once registered you will be contacted when a referral for a child is received, it’s then up to you to buy a jacket, get to us, and we pass it on to the child.

2) Donate brand-new socks, tights, hoodie, gloves/hats, and wellies/boots so we can pop them in our packs along with each jacket.

3) Buy a warm jacket without becoming a sponsor. Donating this way allows you to take advantage of sales and promotions. Donated jackets will be kept in stock and given to a child when we receive a suitable referral.

4) If you are short on time you can make an online donation and we will buy a winter warmer pack on your behalf. We estimate the cost of a jacket to be around £25 although any and all donations are gratefully received.

5) Does your child have a jacket/wellies/boots that they no longer use? If so, we can re-use it.

Here is our list of drop off points

Thank you in advance of your support. Every single donation makes a difference. 😍

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