School Shoes for local children – Tesco Community Grants Scheme 👞

Earlier this year we were awarded £500 from the blue tokens scheme based in Tesco Linlithgow and Bo’ness stores. This award has helped ensure we were able to cope with the increasing demand for our service over the summer, ensuring the children were able to return to school in August this year, feeling good, fitting in with their peers, wearing brand new shoes.

Every award we receive makes such a real difference in our local community, here’s what our Referrers told us:

“In one instance a family were financially struggling to buy school uniform and shoes. I made a referral and the child was clothed within days. The parent cried with relief that their son wouldn’t get ‘bullied’ now. The child was so overwhelmed with his new black batman school shoes. He took his old ones off and put them on immediately. This child has came in every day since saying ‘I love my shoes thank you’. It makes it all worthwhile knowing that child feels comfortable and the family less stressed and anxious.”

“Many of our children and families experience financial stress and therefore their mental health suffer when it comes to the time of year to provide for their children’s school uniforms. Unfortunately those that work are not entitled to the school clothing grant although still have financial difficulties. These children have now been coming in, in full uniform, warm/dry shoes and coats.”

“We have a child that struggles with attendance and engagement. With her new school uniform, she was excited to come back after the summer and engagement and attendance has drastically increased. I believe is this is due to seeing she is like every other child and feels included.”

Thank you to every customer who voted for us and the amazing staff at the stores who supported our bid. 🥰

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