Recently we had a visit from the S6 Young Enterprise Team at St Margaret’s Academy. The team are operating as a social enterprise making personalising water bottles, phone cases etc and selling them at school. Here is a link to more info… and have committed to donate their profits from this quarter to The School Bank West Lothian. Thank you folks!

Miss O’Hare said “taking pupils to the School Bank was an excellent experience. Collette presented to our pupils about the charity and what they are hoping to achieve which allowed pupils to ask questions to fully understand. Pupils were able to make up pencil cases for some of the packs which they enjoyed as they felt like they were able to be part of the process. The whole experience was fantastic for our pupils as it allowed them to fully understand why the charity is important to young people in their local community and has opened up the conversation about volunteering opportunities after they leave S6.”

The Young Enterprise Team also told us “visiting the West Lothian School Bank let me see what the charity are doing and explore what they are aiming to do in the future. We got to ask questions about the charity and make up pencil cases for a variety of age groups. I am hoping that in the future I will be able to volunteer.”

And, “I really enjoyed visiting The School Bank. It really gave me an insight into what they do and how many people it helps. We got a chance to help put together pencil cases for packs and this made me think about how even little things like pencils mean so much to some people. I’m really looking forward to focusing our profits to going towards The School Bank as I now know how much it will help children and families in West Lothian”.