Today is an important day for us here at The School Bank West Lothian as we received our 1,000th referral to our service in the last 12 months!

Every referral is unique, just like the child receiving it and we work hard to provide the items needed. Uniform packs can include uniform, footwear, PE kit and a jacket amongst other things.

Time and again the feedback we receive from families and professionals shows the significant benefits of our service e.g. children have a feeling of inclusion from having the appropriate school uniform, it improves the mental health and wellbeing of the child and carer/parent, reduces bullying and allows the child to focus on their learning rather than their appearance.

Our referrers told us:

“The parent was now able to send their children to school as they have suitable clothing. Previously, the children were missing school because they did not have footwear to even get to school.”

“One parents said knowing that your child is adequately clothed and not having to worry about them being unhappy, bullied or not wanting to go to school because of lack of uniform, greatly reduces anxiety for parents and carers.”

To find out more about what we do and why it matters so much, have a look at our website




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