In March we made an application to Almond Housing’s Community Soup Event for funding. Last year we attended the Community Soup event at their offices where we pitched for funds followed by enjoying a delicious bowl of soup – hence the name Soup Event. With the current restrictions our Project Manager, Collette Moran, had to submit a video as our application this year – she did miss the soup! 🍵🤪

We were delighted to receive an email this month from Barbara Boertien (Community Engagement Office) informing us we have been awarded £1,040. Almond Housing Association are committed to engaging and working with local groups and organisations to help communities thrive.

Thank you to everyone at Almond Housing Association and this award will help The School Bank West Lothian continue to support some of the most vulnerable children in our local community during these difficult times by providing uniform packs including such items as full uniform, a jacket, footwear and outdoor PE kit.