We are delighted to announce we have been awarded £5,200 from the Broxburn Energy Storage Plant.

Carey Green (Community Liaison Officer at BESP) said “the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on communities right across the country. Broxburn Energy Storage Plant is proud to support the School Bank West Lothian and the local community as we all recover from this health and economic crisis.”

Due to the pandemic, the gym items we provide for children changed from shorts/t-shirts/indoor footwear to requests for more expensive outdoor kit e.g. joggers/leggings, hoodies/zippers and trainers and in some cases waterproofs and wellies. Without these items children would be unable to take part in many learning activities with their classmates.

The pandemic has pushed many families into poverty. Poverty can have a devastating impact on a child, leading to social isolation, shame and stigma. In the longer term, poverty affects a child and their families health and well-being and reducing their life chances.

With this award we will be able to continue to provide the necessary items children need to attend school and fully participate in school life.

Thank you to Carey and everyone at Broxburn Energy Storage Plant, we are truly grateful for your support.