Red Nose Day 15th March – its coming soon…🔴

Another day that all too often requires your wee ones to go in to school with money in hand. How can our young people enjoy this day without the need to inflict an excessive financial burden on families. Some ideas:

🔴 Pupils could make their own red noses e.g. use polystyrene balls and decorate.

🔴Look at the history of Comic Relief and how they help the local community.

🔴 Share videos about charities or organisations that have benefit and how it has helped their recipients.

🔴 Pupils could design a poster highlighting this years theme.

🔴 When donations are part of this day consider making it 50p rather than a £1, or a donation per family, and ensure donations are collected discretely.

What does your child’s school do on Red Nose Day that reduces the financial pressure on families? Parents: could you can bring these up with your school? Teachers: could you implement these into your lessons?

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