🎁 Make Your Gift Matter 🎁

Could you and your friends, or family or work place, give gifts in lieu this giving season?
Instead of giving Christmas cards or gifts could you…
🎁 Collect stationery items in a school bag and donate them to the School Bank.
🎁 Have your Elf on the Shelf do a good deed and buy a warm Hat and Glove set to gift.
🎁 Become a Sponsor.
🎁Give a cash donation, donate through CAF https://rb.gy/mfj4tc
🎁 Donate a Jacket, or Tights, or Socks, or Winter Footwear.

Do you work for a business that could get involved this giving season? 💼
🎁 Could you host one of our collection bins.
🎁 Give a cash amount for every sale closed over the festive season.
🎁 Hold a Christmas event like a Santa Fun Run and raise funds.
🎁 Have an alternative Secret Santa, Buy items for us and donate as a team.
🎁 Make a cash donation.
🎁 Do you have unused marketing items that you could donate.

We are all aware that this year winter may be extra hard for many due to the Cost of Living Crisis. If there is anything you can do to help it will all be greatly appreciated. ❤🥰

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