Help us to Wrap Our Arms around our Local School Children!

Today we are launching our Winter Warmer appeal. You can help us by donating a winter warmer pack including cosy jacket, hat/gloves and socks/tights. Many children across West Lothian are attending school with inadequate jackets which won’t keep them warm or dry on their walk to and from school. Not having a jacket can mean some children won’t even attend school and this obviously has a big impact on their education. You can help us change this for a local child.

In the next 3 months we anticipate the need for well in excess of 200 winter jackets for local children in need, aged between 5 and 17 years old. You could help in 4 ways:

1) Become a Sponsor. Click on the link to register and we will contact you when we receive a referral for a child, it’s then up to you to buy the items, get them to us and finally we pass it on to the child who needs it.

2) You could buy a winter jacket without becoming a sponsor. We did a stock take this morning and we have very little stock in the following items: girls age 4/5 years old, boys age 6/8 years old and adult size 10/12 for teenage girls and adult size small/medium man for teenage boys. If you donate item’s we will keep them in stock and use when we have a referral for a child of that age/size.

3) If you are short on time, you can make a donation through the link below and we will buy a winter warmer pack on your behalf. We estimate the cost of a winter warmer pack for a primary school child to be £30 and a high school child to be £40.

4) Does your child have a jacket that they no longer use? If so, we can re-use it. Excellent quality jackets will be recycled to a child. If you have any jackets that are a bit past it, we would still accept them and pop these in our metal rag bag box and these will be turned into cash which will allow us to buy more new warm winter jackets.

Here is our list of drop off points

Thank you in advance of your support. Every single donation makes a difference. 😍