Not everyone is aware of the issues that some of our young people face during their school life and the negative impact financial hardship can have on them. For some people, it is because their children are grown up and so they are out of touch and for others, it is because they have never experienced hardship and are therefore unaware of this issue.

Recently, a lovely lady called Julie, got in touch after she saw a friend doing a fundraising event for us. Julie said “my kids are grown up so I’m out of touch with this but when I saw that The School Bank West Lothian needed clothing to help our local school child and read some of the stories, it broke my heart 💔. I set up a fundraising raffle event online, I got lots of lovely donation prizes and people paid to take part in a weekly raffle during April”. Julie told her generous supporters “let’s see if we can get as much money as possible to buy the stuff they need and put a smile on their little faces 😀😀😀”.

The event raised a whopping £1,010.

Thank you to Julie (who gave up her precious time to run this event every weekend in April), to everyone who donated a prize to the raffle and to those who paid to take part in the raffle. You are all awesome! We hope everyone enjoyed their prizes too, including our Project Manager, Collette, who won an afternoon tea for two, delicious!

The funds raised bought the items pictured in this post. Being a small charity this donation will make a HUGE difference. THANK YOU to you all! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤