Right now things are tough and the current situation is forcing many families into poverty. If you are finding your resources aren’t enough to meet your basic needs there is help available through a number agencies.

The Advice Shop offers a range of support and help. They recognise that financial wellbeing is important and money worries can have a big impact on day to day life as well as a person’s physical and mental health, this includes the children not just the parents/carers. The Advice Shop is free and offers an impartial, holistic and confidential service.

They are able to make a referrals to us for school uniform, jackets, outdoor PE kit and footwear etc.

The Advice Shop can be contacted by telephone on 01506 283000 or by email on advice.shop@westlothian.gov.uk

Our website provides further information about The School Bank West Lothian and how you can access our service through other referring partners at https://schoolbank-westlothian.org/referrals/