We launched an appeal on 2nd October asking you, the public, to help support our local children by purchasing a winter warmer pack for us. All we can say is WOW! We have been overwhelmed by the level of support from you all. It’s so humbling to see our community coming together to help one another. Honestly, we can’t express how much this means to a small local charity such as ourselves and ultimately the children receiving the items.

We know there are a number of you who have helped spread the word and who have shared our appeal with work colleagues, family, friends and on social media. You have done such a fantastic job of getting our appeal out to people in the community who didn’t know anything about it or us. This weekend we have seen a huge number of people register. We don’t want to ask for any more winter warmer packs than we need during our campaign so with this in mind we are now closing the appeal so no one else can register.

Every single person who has registered to help us, and support a local child, will be contacted with details of a child to support. We might take a bit longer than normal but please bear with us, we will get to you.

Very recently we have been getting requests for warmer PE kit as children are now being asked to wear this to school on the day(s) they have PE scheduled – it is happening in primary schools and a number of high schools are adopting this strategy too. So, rather than waiting to donate a jacket a number of weeks from now we will be giving some of the people who registered latest the option to donate a winter warmer PE kit instead and this would include joggers/leggings, hoodie/zipper and basic trainers. If you have any queries please privately message us.