The current coronavirus crisis has meant many children across West Lothian are being asked to attend school with their PE kit on the days they have PE scheduled. Previously we supplied wee shorts and plimsolls to primary school children but now we are being asked for joggers/hoodies and trainers – this is a new and extra cost to many families who are struggling and for us as a charity. If children don’t have these items, they are doing PE in their school uniform and school shoes or coming to school in wee shorts/school shoes. You can help us change this for a local child.

You could help in 3 ways:

1) Become a Sponsor and purchase new PE kit including joggers/leggings, hoodie/zipper and basic trainers for a local child. Let us know you can help by clicking on our link below and we will contact you when we receive a referral for a child, it’s then up to you to buy the items, get them to us and finally we pass it on to the child who needs it. The link is

2) If you want a buy a PE kit without waiting for a child then you can buy items for any age from 5 up to 13 years old and donate to us. As we have no stock of these items all sizes are required (trainer’s needed are size) junior 8 to adult 2. If you donate item’s we will keep them in stock and use when we have a referral for a child of that age/size. There are a number of places you can buy PE kit at good value prices and one such place is Your Factory Outlet in Houston Industrial Estate, Livingston – the staff are very helpful.

3) If you would like to support us but don’t have time over the coming months, please click on our Virgin Money Giving link to make a donation and we will buy a PE Kit pack on your behalf. The link is

Please see our website or the pinned post on our Facebook page for a full list of our drop off points across West Lothian. Thank you in advance of your support.??